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BCS Multi-Year Accessibility Plan

Preventative Maintenance for Accessibility-related building and equipment

  • Handicap doors (SH Entrance) maintenance schedule:  doors checked monthly for functionality by custodial staff.  Maintenance calls made as needed.
  • Elevator maintenance scheduled bi-yearly with each elevator company
  • Sloped walkways salted prior to expected snow or freezing rain
  • Class scheduling accommodates wheelchair access for all students (limits use of portables) 
  • Yearly evaluation of parking lot paint

Emergency Maintenance for Accessibility-related building and equipment

  • Sloped walkways cleared immediately by custodial staff during snowfall and freezing rain.
  • Office and maintenance contacted immediately in the event of elevator malfunction  -- release key kept with custodial staff.
  • Alternative, main-floor learning spaces available (main library) for classes when elevators are not working.

Library Access

  • Full-time library staff (Linda Myers) available to assist wheel-chair or mobility-restricted persons with entrance and exit from library.